Presentation Abstract

Most of today’s successful craft beers are made with considerable amounts of hops added. Depending on hop varieties used the spectrum of resulting flavours ranges from spicy and woody to red berries, sweet fruits and other flavours. To be able to follow the aroma from the hop cone to the hop aroma in beer, many things need to be considered. It is known that yeast interacts with the hop aroma components by biotransformation reactions. Also the release of aroma components by enzyme activity is known. It is also known that due to interaction of aroma components the actual flavour impact of each component changes. Since many of the known hop aroma components have very low flavour thresholds these reaction can possibly influence the final flavour of a hoppy beer.
To be able to look into the mysteries of hop aroma, beer was evaluated on its hop aroma. We wanted to investigate two steps in the brewing process for hop aroma; heat during the whirlpool and the contact with yeast during primary fermentation. To be able to follow the aroma from the hop cone to the hop aroma in beer, we have developed an approach to be able evaluate hop aroma from hops to beer. Hops and their cold infusions in water were sensorial assessed using this tasting sheet. We looked into the influence of different yeast strains on the flavour of identically brewed beers (same hop varieties, same hop addition and amount). These beers were also sensorial evaluated using the same tasting sheet as with the hops and cold infusion.

Presenter’s Biography

Alicia Muñoz Insa completed her Degree in Food Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She then started her graduate studies in the Institute of Brewing and Beverage Technology in Technische Universität München Weihenstephan. Her research project dealt with sunstruck flavour and the usage of different raw materials. Since March 2015, Alicia has been working in the UK for Botanix Ltd. as part of the Technical Sales Support Team.

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