Presentation Abstract

are at the forefront of environmental efficiency, with key performance indicators for water, energy, and waste a fundamental reflection of a brewery’s overall performance. Lion’s brewery in Auckland, The Pride, uses strategic target setting and project planning processes to continuously improve upon its best practice status in these areas.
Driven from senior management and filtering down through all teams, sustainability targets are set at all levels of the organisation through a Balanced Business Plan. Projects are then created each year to ensure that energy, water, and waste reduction targets are achieved to the plan. Lean Manufacturing principles are applied to track projects on department Broad Plans and through project team meetings. These processes are then integrated into day-to-day operations to ensure that efficiencies are sustained.
Environmental and economic savings are tracked, and projects are closed-out to management teams. Partnerships with government agencies in the areas of energy efficiency and wastewater reduction act as enablers for continued improvements in the future.
Benchmarking The Pride’s targets against other breweries shows that The Pride is a world leader in these areas. Projects in 2014 resulted in approximately 9600GJ sustained energy reduction, and 80ML sustained water reduction, per year. For 2015, The Pride has set usage ratios of 109MJ energy and 3.2HL water per HL beer produced. These combined efforts earned the brewery the Energy Management Award at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards 2014.

Presenter’s Biography
James Perrin started with Lion as a Supply Chain Graduate in 2013, after graduating
from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical &
Environmental). His first role was Environment Leader at The Pride, where he led the
site to multiple award wins for sustainability projects. He was then a Brewing &
Beverage Team Leader, and Assistant Innovation Manager, before successfully
finishing the Graduate Programme. He is passionate about the environment, and of
course, beer.

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