Presentation Abstract

Biogas upgrading systems, that produce bio-methane from biogas, are becoming more main- stream when it comes to increasing the value of biogas. Due to several factors the traditional economic model of creating electricity from biogas is under pressure, but there is a more profitable solution than producing electricity: bio-methane. Biogas upgrading systems creates pure bio-methane that can be fed into the gas grid or used for transportation processes (e.g. CNG.).

This paper focuses mainly on a membrane separation process, but in a feature unique to Pentair Haffmans, this is process combined with a cryogenic separation step. Conventional biogas upgrading technologies produce a waste stream consisting of CO2 with up to a few per cent by volume methane (CH4). Due to environmental regulations this waste stream cannot simply be vented to atmosphere and subject due to environmental regulations, must be incinerated with special burners, resulting in value loss of methane CH4.

Pentair Haffmans’ biogas upgrading technology recovers 100 percent of the CH4 and completely eliminates methane loss. This results in a higher CH4 yield and no emission of the harmful CH4 greenhouse gas, furthermore the CO2 by-product can be recovered for use in a variety of applications: atmospheric enrichment in green houses, dry-Ice production, waste water treatment, in the welding industry, fire extinguisher refilling, or, if certified, in the food and beverage industry, providing an additional income source.

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