Presentation Abstract

As the diversity of brands in the Australian beer market is increasing, the complexity within the supply chain in Australian breweries rises as a result. As part of a major upgrade at Lion’s West End Brewery in Adelaide, a new 500 Hl brew house was installed to make the operation more agile to meet the market demand and portfolio of products produced at the site.

The installation of a new brewhouse into an existing site follows a significant logistical challenge, both in terms of the installation itself, contingency planning and stock building to ensure delivery to customers both locally in SA and nationally across Australia. The most significant challenge was to ensure decommissioning, installation, testing and commissioning, and start up within 7 weeks. This result was only achieved through extremely detailed project and resource planning as several activities needed to be carried out in parallel.

As the shutdown time was critical, so was the ramp up. The vertical ramp up was achieved and full capacity was reached in 3 weeks. This result was achieved through solid planning, great collaboration between the operation and project teams, partnerships with equipment suppliers and utilisation of MEX processes.

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