Presentation Abstract

New malting barley varieties introduced to Australian farmers from the 1970’s to the late 2000’s where largely low fermentable varieties, that had high longevity with farmers and allowed Asia pacific Brewers to use malt from varieties such as Schooner and Gairdner for over 10 years in most cases.

Since 2010 there have been a significant number of new malting barley varieties released that in most cases have had strong uptake by farmers, with the majority of varieties producing high fermentable malt.

The trend of an increasing number of new malting barley varieties and farmers willingness to change looks set to continue. There has been significant uptake in new varieties by farmers, which has resulted in much more rapidly changing malting barley varieties for Asia Pacific Brewers. There are reasons for concern for the large increase in the production of high fermentable varieties suited to most Asian Brewers and risks to the brewing industry going forward.

Presenter’s Biography

Harry is a Senior Barley Trader for GrainCorp Marketing in Sydney, Australia, with his primary focus malting and brewing customers in Australia and China, having been with GrainCorp for over 7 years. Over the past sixteen years Harry has worked across various Australian and International agribusinesses and has held a number of procurement, trader and commercial roles with Inghams Enterprises, SGS (Vancouver, Canada), Australian Wheat Board and Mrs Crocket’s Kitchen.

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