Presentation Abstract

The increasing shortage of water combined with an ongoing debate about CO2 emissions are among the major challenges for the brewing industry in future.

A main contributor to water and energy consumption in the brewing process is the tunnel pasteurizer. To replace tunnel pasteurizers, membrane filtration or a flash pasteurizer can be used instead. Both technologies allow significant water and energy reductions, but increase the risk of late contamination of product at filling.

With a dedicated hygiene concept, starting from the Bright Beer Tank till the Packaged Product, this risk can be reduced significantly. Key aspects are:
– to choose a technology which ensures a safe and reliable separation of any beer spoiling microorganisms, including the opportunity for integrity testing and product traceability upstream of filling;
– to apply a certain standard for cleaning and hygiene work in packaging;
– to control contamination in the final product and during the process with a sensitive and fast detection method.

The paper describes the biological safety and economic achievements with membrane filtration, shows saving potentials for beer loss, water and CO2 emissions compared to a tunnel pasteurizer, gives an overview on cleaning and disinfection guidelines in packaging, and finally presents modern standards in PCR for rapid microbiological testing. All topics together present a complete solution for tunnel pasteurizer replacement without increasing risk for the packaged product.

Presenter’s Biography

CV Reiner Gaub – Pall Corporation, Food & Beverage

Apprenticeship in German craft brewery and malteries (2,5 Y)

Working as brewer in filter departments for various breweries (2 Y)

Diplom – Brewmaster degree from Technical University Berlin/VLB

Line brewmaster Filtration at major German breweries (3 Y)

Diplom Ingenieur degree for Food Technology from Technical University Berlin, Thesis on replacement of kieselguhr

Technical consultant for filtration at VLB Berlin; Prof. Dr.Ing. Wackerbauer (2Y)

Head of filter department at Handtmann Filter systems (5 Y)

Various positions within Pall Corporation (20 Y);
currently Director Brewing Systems

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