Presentation Abstract

Coopers Brewery Ltd (Coopers) employ a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). MES is a software system that integrates the management system (JDE) to the plant floor (control). The main goal of the MES implementation was to increase process reliability by providing complete visibility over production processes and to provide error-free electronic supply to the production plant. MES acquires all process and quality data and aggregates them into information that facilitates root cause analysis in the production, contributes to the continuous improvement of products and production processes and helps reduce the overall production costs via the access of plant information.  The project was completed over three years and implemented in three phases; analysis of the processes with the creation of the requirements specification, the implementation of the requirements and the go-live phase. This was further broken down into process stages with the MES first being implemented onto the packaging lines followed by the brew house and completed within the fermentation/maturation area. The MES utilises all features from raw material handling through to plant performance including measuring key performance indicators, order management and order details with automated feedback to JDE; downtime management and the automatic recording of downtime events directly from the plant floor; quality management via quality tasks and the storing of results for reporting including integration with our LIMS system; and the forward and backward traceability of raw materials to finished goods. This paper discusses the project more in depth and covers topics such as engagement of the people, the problems faced, time frames, and the future.

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