Value for Money: Improvement to Quality, Reproducibility and Productivity on a Budget – Ellis, Graham

Presentation Abstract Propagation of wine yeast for cider fermentations is done via the rehydration of lyophilized yeast in a dosing tank 20 min prior to the delivery of the yeast into a single stage propagation system under constant aeration for 18hrs prior to pitching into a fermentation tank. Yeast propagation and the resulting [...]

The Use of VE to Optimise CAPEX – Pecar, Michael

Presentation Abstract Value engineering is commonly used during business case development to optimise CAPEX. It needs to involve a multi-discipline group of people to ensure all vested interest are represented. It is very important from the beginning that the customer’s key requirements are understood. The process has to be well facilitated to ensure [...]

Characterisation of New Zealand Hop Character – Eyres, Graham

Presentation Abstract Hoppy flavour in beer remains poorly understood, particularly how different yeast strains, fermentation parameters and hop varieties interact to give rise to various hop characters. Recently released hop varieties can impart novel aroma characters to beer, but the compounds responsible have not been elucidated. This paper will present results from our [...]

The Comparison of DP Enzyme Release – Evans, Evan

Presentation Abstract A key biochemical process in brewing is the hydrolysis of starch by DP enzymes into yeast fermentable sugars during the mashing stage of brewing.  Efficient starch hydrolysis during mashing requires starch gelatinization at ~62-64°C, along with sufficient DP enzyme activity to achieve starch hydrolysis.  This investigation considers the release of yeast [...]

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