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Like most mature Western markets, the beer category in Australia has been in decline for many years with per capita consumption contracting since 1975.  The shift away from beer reflects changes in how Australians socialise, a proliferation of consumer repertoires, changing population dynamics and a greater focus on health and wellbeing.

In this changing landscape, beer has suffered from a significant level of misconception and confusion amongst Australians, who despite being passionate about beer, lack knowledge about what’s in beer and how it can be consumed as part of a balanced lifestyle.  This level of misconception has put beer at a competitive disadvantage relative to other alcohol categories, particularly wine.

Recognising that beer needs to evolve to maintain relevance in Australia, Lion is taking the lead to grow the beer category through a ground breaking initiative called ‘Beer the Beautiful Truth’. Through this initiative, Lion will drive category reappraisal by communicating the facts and building knowledge about beer amongst adult Australians – focusing first on what’s in beer, including nutrition information and ingredients.

This paper will provide learnings for all brewers on driving consumers to reappraise the beer category.  It will cover Lion’s rationale for developing the ‘Beer the Beautiful Truth’ initiative, the journey Lion has taken to bring this innovative initiative to the marketplace, and how it plans to communicate the Beautiful Truths about beer.

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Author(s): Kirsty Harding – Marketing Manager Vibrant Beer Culture Lion

Contact Details: Kirsty Harding – 0400255020
Presentation Title: Beer the Beautiful Truth – Growing beer in Australia

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