Presentation Abstract

Matching the right malting barley variety to a beer style is of great importance.  Today’s barley variety scene is crowded with varieties, presenting challenges for the entire supply chain from barley growers to brewers, to determine the most appropriate barley for their needs.  Aspects such as enzyme level and thermostability, and more recently taste, are areas of interest for brewers.  This paper reviews barley varieties in the current market, as well as a look back to heritage varieties and suggests appropriate barley varieties for certain beer styles, with specific commentary for the craft market.

Presenter’s Biography

Dr Doug Stewart graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in Agricultural Science and a PhD concerned with the biochemistry of precursors of cell wall polysaccharides. He completed post-doctoral studies at Michigan State University and the University of Adelaide involved with starch metabolism and the impact of malt quality on beer filtration, respectively.

Doug joined Adelaide malting Company as quality Manager and progressed to General Manager Technical undertaking a range of duties over 15 years, including production, research and responsibility for the technical aspects of the maltings. Dr Stewart moved to Coopers Brewery in 2014 as Quality Manager.

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