Presentation Abstract

Pentair Haffmans presents a new concept for monitoring filled packages, an outstanding solution that measures all relevant quality parameters directly in the filled package in a single measurement step.

The new concept is based on the proven Pentair Haffmans technology like the Carbon Dioxide Measurement and differentiated optical Total Package Oxygen (DO, HSO, TPO) measurement in bottled and canned beverages.

A major advantage of the new concept is its modularity.  Besides the basic parameters Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, the system can be extended, according to customer needs, with analysis like e.g. alcohol.  All measuring data is centrally stored and can also be linked to an external laboratory management system.  The advantages are obvious: strongly reduced labor needs and a fully automated process that offers a multiple parameters analysis per package.

New is that the samples do not have to be put into the device separately and be processed one by one. The system is equipped with a sample carousel that is suitable for the most common glass bottles, PET bottles and cans. After being loaded onto the carousel sample processing is fully automatic and the test results are stored. For the operator this means a significant time saving as he can perform other tasks after loading the samples into the carousel. In addition, due to the reduced labor requirements, more samples can be analyzed in the same time, which results in a close-meshed quality control.

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