The Comparison of DP Enzyme Release – Evans, Evan

Presentation Abstract A key biochemical process in brewing is the hydrolysis of starch by DP enzymes into yeast fermentable sugars during the mashing stage of brewing.  Efficient starch hydrolysis during mashing requires starch gelatinization at ~62-64°C, along with sufficient DP enzyme activity to achieve starch hydrolysis.  This investigation considers the release of yeast [...]

A New Concept for Monitoring the Quality of Filled Packages – Buis, Mr Marco

Presentation Abstract Pentair Haffmans presents a new concept for monitoring filled packages, an outstanding solution that measures all relevant quality parameters directly in the filled package in a single measurement step. The new concept is based on the proven Pentair Haffmans technology like the Carbon Dioxide Measurement and differentiated optical Total Package Oxygen [...]

Environmental Improvement by Pasteuriser Replacement – Brister, Robin

Presentation Abstract The increasing shortage of water combined with an ongoing debate about CO2 emissions are among the major challenges for the brewing industry in future. A main contributor to water and energy consumption in the brewing process is the tunnel pasteurizer. To replace tunnel pasteurizers, membrane filtration or a flash pasteurizer can [...]

Strategic Water, Energy & Waste Management in a Modern Brewery – Cooper, Craig

Presentation Abstract are at the forefront of environmental efficiency, with key performance indicators for water, energy, and waste a fundamental reflection of a brewery's overall performance. Lion's brewery in Auckland, The Pride, uses strategic target setting and project planning processes to continuously improve upon its best practice status in these areas. Driven from senior management [...]