A New PCR-based Method – Ulvé, Vincent

Presentation Abstract Yeast detection and identification is a major concern for beverage industries aiming for high quality product delivery and brand protection. The beverage industry needs a reliable method enabling rapid decision-making opposed to time consuming conventional microbiological methods. Implementation of the GeneDisc® System – utilizing real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology [...]

A New Acetolacte Decarboxylase for Diacetyl Control – Cramer, Jacob F.

Presentation Abstract Diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione are the two most important immature beer aromas secreted from the yeast during fermentation. Alphalase® Advance 4000 is a new acetolactate decarboxylase product (EC which prevents the formation of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione generated by brewer’s yeast during fermentation by converting the precursors alpha-acetolactate and alpha-acetohydroxy butyrate directly [...]

Analytical Approaches for Nutrition and Contents in Alcoholic Beverages – Duan, Dr David

Presentation Abstract The official standard method for gluten determination is an ELISA which uses the R5 antibody; this requirement is fulfilled by the sandwich Gliadin test from r-Biopharm as well as by the r-Biopharm Gliadin competitive assay. Processes such as fermentation or hydrolysis can degrade either partially or completely the intact prolamin molecules [...]

Optmized Beer Filtration – Huttenhus, Rob

Presentation Abstract In most countries, traditional beer filtering with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is seen as environmentally and socially irresponsible. Membrane filtration provides the answer. Pentair has put more than 80 Beer Membrane Filter systems into operation worldwide. In close relationship with customers, the newest generation Beer Membrane Filter called BMF +FLUX was developed. [...]

Smart Choices in Water Treatment for Better Sustainability – Eumann, Michael

Presentation Abstract Water and energy reductions are common themes in breweries and beverage factories. This paper presents most recent developments in equipment technology to meet even the most stringent sustainability targets. But the journey towards better sustainability performance is just beginning. The paper looks at various areas of water treatment from filtration, dechlorination, [...]

Beer the Beautiful Truth – Harding, Kirsty

Presentation Abstract Like most mature Western markets, the beer category in Australia has been in decline for many years with per capita consumption contracting since 1975.  The shift away from beer reflects changes in how Australians socialise, a proliferation of consumer repertoires, changing population dynamics and a greater focus on health and wellbeing. [...]

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